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Do you know your worth?

“While it’s important to be realistic about your abilities, it’s also equally important to acknowledge that despite the fact you might not live up to these so called standards, you are still worthy, talented, intelligent and deserving of happiness, love and fulfillment. That’s why it is important to realize your worth before others reinforce a false belief of who you are, how much you are worth and what you deserve.

When you know your self-worth, you only focus on things that add value to your life. You cut off people and things that weigh you down. It helps you become a better person because you are only open to positive energy and self-growth.

You’ll find more meaning in life because your joy and satisfaction comes from within. Self-worth makes you content with what you have, whether small or big. And even when these things are taken from you, you still live satisfied.”

❤️Are you Worthy of Better Health and Happiness????

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